Emily Budd

My work excavates a future archaeology of objects, tools, gems and fossils. These fictional artifacts are hybridized forms of recognizable textures and found objects that I have collected, cast, altered and replicated. My sculptural practice incorporates many different materials and explores the durational life-span quality of each. Using older materials such as copper, bronze and iron, in combination with modern-day materials including plastic, garbage, aluminum, steel and concrete, I speculate on the future geological evidence of humankind’s presence and impact on the planet. Through the application of various casting techniques that mimic the alchemical fossilization of objects in time, I seek to discover truths about lost and changing environments and altered material realities. By expansion and engagement with ideas of deep time, I seek to reimagine both the ancient past and a conceptual future to reflect on our ecological and cultural choices in the present. I am currently developing larger forms and installations which continue to examine the intersections of art, nature, science and human experience when facing imminent change.

Watch a bronze pour here.